TN America Herb - No refund $10,just bought their item 15minutes ago

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I am a totally Vietnamese person, and I HATE the Vietnamese people. Specially, when you do business with them.

They are perfect cheaters. I though that they will learn the good ways when they come to USA, but no, still, cheating just in their blood.

when you buy something from them, they will try to make you happy to buy their stuff, then you can not return or exchange even you just buy few minutes ago. They are suck!

when I was still living in Vietnam, I hated the government system. A bunch of liars and harass for bribes.

In USA, there are lots of opportunities for them to get money. And they work for CASH.

I had 2 bad experiences with their business.

First one was the TN American Herb company. They sell some vitamins that if you are a good person, you will be cheated easily by them.

I am tired to tell my problem now, and just want to let you know that, DO NOT buy anything in the Vietnamese area at Little Saigon, specially, the Vietnamese jewelry store at PHUOC LOC THO.

but if you still want to deal with them, try to make everything clear before you pay, 'cause you will lost your money with no way to get it back.

Review about: Thuoc Tri Dau Nhut Hedatamo.


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I hate, I hate???? what kind of people you are??? bull dog or another kind of animal???


I do not believe you , cause I think you are work for another company can not compete to their business.

Lake Worth, Florida, United States #1032932

you resale their medicine just $10, that can tell what kind of people you are. can not trust you


I totally agree to 930c9e TN America Herbs are ridicules. I called them more than 10 times trying to speak to one particular person. They don't have a system where if one person is away then another should fill in that spot. Its so much harder when I'm from overseas and the time difference where I have to call early in the morning and get a reply telling me to call them back in an hour etc etc.

They have bad service and a horrible customer service too. They are impolite and unprofessional.

Don't let me start on them making the wrong shipment. They should have someone double checking the orders before taking the parcel to the post. Now getting them send me the right supplements and for me to send back the wrong ones.... This is a waste of my time and money.

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